For the second time since I started blogging, I have reason to wish I were doing this anonymously.

I suspect this is frustrating for you to read, as it hints at more interesting, perhaps salacious material hiding behind this “isn’t family life funny” outlet… material which can never be revealed if I want to retain a normal life.

I didn’t think of hiding behind a persona when I set this up, probably because I hadn’t ever read any blogs until I started doing it myself.
Then I realised that a lot of people seem to do it anonymously.

Some do it because they’re writing as fictional characters, some to protect the innocent (I do wonder how my children will feel when they’re old enough to realise their young lives are merely source material for the entertainment of strangers), some so they can be rude about people they know.

It’s too late for me to go undercover now, unless I started running a second, anonymous blog. But in view of the time this one can take up, I don’t think my relationship could take a second.

It would be fun though…

“When my sister came to stay for the summer in our Tuscan villa, I knew I was in for trouble. It wasn’t the fact that she was bringing her new boyfriend that worried me, even though I’d been warned his condition makes coherent conversation virtually impossible; it was the fact that her ex-girlfriend was staying in the next village, with her husband, four children and nanny goat.”

“I’m so sick of the bloody next door neighbours. When they’re not playing hip hop housey-housey rap music loudly enough to wake the undead, they’re shouting at each other in accents thick enough to stand your spoon up in.
And that kid of theirs is on weekend release again. I’m almost tempted to get into a fight with him, just to get him back into a secure unit for a few months. Then maybe I could listen to The Archers in peace again.”

Your challenge is to work out which is the one nugget of truth in those two (mostly) fictional excerpts.

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Here you can find the ramblings of a trapeze artist turned journalist who ran away from the circus to join the BBC. Cathy "mine's a Kir Royale" Keir then spent thirteen years working in Jersey, Guernsey and Devon, before downgrading to what you see before you. She has contributed articles to The Guardian, The Stage and Television Today, Junior Magazine and both the BBC and Bad Mothers Club websites. She has two children who think women can’t be prime ministers. She blames herself.
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3 Responses to Anonymous

  1. Omega Mum says:

    Well, given the frequency with which wildlife pops up, I’d go for the Nanny Goat as one true fact. I like this game. Do we get the answers later on, and is there a prize?

  2. clara says:

    I’m hoping it’s the sister with the boyfriend and the married ex-girlfriend – please say it’s so.

  3. Beta Mum says:

    Not even warm.
    I agree the sister would be fun to have around, but I have no sister.

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