Any requests?

tune in online - 1-2pm tomorrow

Any requests for tunes for tomorrow’s programme? I’ll probably have time for five or six tracks.

But do bear in mind the selection of music is not extensive – you’ll have to guess what I might be able to lay my hands on and request something along those lines.

There are quite a few Kids’ Pop Party Hits and Disney Princess type CDs kicking around the house…

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11 Responses to Any requests?

  1. Dale Cooper says:

    David Bowie’s ‘Andy Warhol’ would be nice to hear.

  2. Rory Gilmore says:

    Yeah, any Bowie would be appreciated … Roxy Music?

    Good luck!

  3. Rayanne Graff says:

    Oh, how about a lovely slice of Depeche Mode?

    Failing that some Howard Jones?

  4. Beta Mum says:

    Dale Cooper? Is that the damn fine cup of coffee and a piece of cherry pie Dale Cooper?

    Rory Gilmore – of the Gilmore Girls?

    Rayanne Graff – your so-called life?

    What is going on?

  5. Cptn says:

    Hmm, I’m just wondering what Nicky Driscoll, or Luke would enjoy. Hey ho. Let’s just go for Love Shack by the B52s. Or if you’re going Jordan Catalano – I Wanna Be Sedated, by the Frozen Embryos with Tino, or The Ramones, whichever’s easier.

    All this is a sign of a mispent youth I’d say. Have a good time on air.

  6. Yep, another vote for the divine Mr Bowie.

    Am listening to Smiths singles album at the mo – what about Ask?

  7. clara says:

    I know its a bit late but good luck for today – am gonig to try to listen if i can distract #3 saboteur.

  8. How's Annie? says:


  9. Drunk Mummy says:

    How about ‘Dancing Queen’ by Abba, so all the Domestic Divas can grab their hairbrush (or in my case, bottle of wine) and belt it out with Agnetha! Only danger is they might not ask you back there again, for committing such a crime against cool.

  10. Beta Mum says:

    I managed to include Bowie, Roxy Music & the B52s.

    Sorry no joy with Depeche Mode or Howard Jones.

    I’m afraid I got the Dancing Queen message too late – it would ave given me great joy to be so uncool as to play Abba!
    I snuck in some Queen which was pretty out of order.

    Not sure where all this Twin Peaks stuff is going, but I’m along for the ride.

  11. Dale Cooper says:

    Thanks for the Bowie! I enjoyed the show.

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