Back to Reality

“Maria” on the cliff path

Well it was definitely worth it, even with all that frantic arranging and double checking.

One child picked up by one person, the other by someone else, a coat abandoned somewhere in between the two, a bedside light broken and Put Upon Friend’s Spaghetti Bolognaise dismissed as “disgusting” by our son.

Still, we had a good time – lounging in the Spring sunshine, sipping Sauvignon Blanc  and gazing out at the Atlantic waves crashing onto the shore of the Lizard peninsula.

We met new people, we laughed, guffawed actually, made the lives of the Murder Mystery actors a tad more difficult than they might have been, and quaffed our way through as much alcohol as we could – considering we’re all older and more sensible than we used to be.

And now we’re back.

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Here you can find the ramblings of a trapeze artist turned journalist who ran away from the circus to join the BBC. Cathy "mine's a Kir Royale" Keir then spent thirteen years working in Jersey, Guernsey and Devon, before downgrading to what you see before you. She has contributed articles to The Guardian, The Stage and Television Today, Junior Magazine and both the BBC and Bad Mothers Club websites. She has two children who think women can’t be prime ministers. She blames herself.
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  1. spymum says:

    It sounds like a wonderful time! All the arranging was definitely thoroughly worth it!

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