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I have been tagged by Jolene to disclose what I like about blogging.

At first I could think of more things I don’t like about it – the time it takes up, the obsession, the feeling that I should be doing something more financially rewarding with my time, the blank looks I get from real-life friends when I mention the once-a-day habit…

But as I’m still doing it, there must be plenty of positives as well.

So – the best things about blogging are –

- the laziness of it. I don’t have to do research, interview people, cut my piece to a certain length, worry about rejection – I can just write about what I think/feel/have just wasted my time doing, and hang it out on-line

- the discipline of writing most days (barring holidays) and learning to think about life as raw material; sort of my family as blog-fodder

- connections made with other bloggers and with non-blogging readers. It’s an odd feeling to know people but not know them, if you see what I mean

- being a part of something global, even if I have joined in so late that it’s probably all about to transmute into something new and far too technical for me to follow

- it’s a repository for ideas I may take up later, and a reminder of things I may otherwise forget.

And now I’m supposed to tag three other blogs so they can reveal the extent of their addiction.

I choose: –

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And the rules are:

1. Answer the question “What’s the Best Thing About Blogging?”

2. Linkback to the person that tagged you

3. Tag 3 people – try to choose British parent bloggers

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3 Responses to Best thing about blogging

  1. Cathy says:

    I agree with all the above. I don’t really think you’ve joined in late.. blogging seems to have really taken off over the last 12 months or so, at least for people who are no longer in their teens or twenties. So many of the blogs I visit have been started this year and there is some talented writing coming through.

  2. Erica says:

    I agree with Cathy, especially parent bloggers…

  3. Omega Mum says:

    My goodness. Thanks for this. Problem is, I think you’ve said everything I would have said, only better, so might need to mull it over for a bit.

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