shirts and ties

Well, they’ve had their first day at their new school.

This morning could have gone badly awry. It involved: –

- shirts with buttons
- ties – which in Ben’s case was not on a bit of elastic
- itchy jumpers
- plastic bags instead of PE bags.

But they got dressed without a word of protest, and disappeared into their classrooms with no more than a hint of panic flitting across their eyes.

And now I hear from Mike that Hannah said of her day –

“I had butterflies at first, but then the butterflies started smiling.”

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6 Responses to Butterflies

  1. Expatmum says:

    OMG (as me teenager says) that is so sweet. Almost like my son’s comments about school a few years ago: “School’s not so bad now. It’s like a happy prison”. Brought tears to my eyes it did!

  2. How lovely, I wish my butterflies would smile!

  3. Rilly Super says:

    it’s been a while since I had butterflies in my stomach, although there are moths that have a fairly quiet live not to far away, sigh

    happy new year kathy

  4. Mya says:

    That’s lovely – I think I might have cried hearing that!
    Hope things are still going well.

    Mya x

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