Car Seat

car seat on a camel

I mentioned this book the other week, and now I’ve had a chance to flick through it.

It features a lot of child-focused travelling experiences, some of which I’m mighty glad were not mine.

Like the plane trip suffered by Holly Korbey with two kids and the Baby Cheeses.

The unasked for visit to Atlanta imposed on Julia Litton and her family.

Or the vomit-laden journey to a nearby mountain endured by Sally Bjornsen.

Or the overnight train trip featuring four premature babies, two sisters and a breast pump, which Susan Wolter Nettell volunteered herself for.

In comparison, a mere ferry journey across the Channel to face French people and peche a pied was small fry.

peche a pied

I’m quite looking forward to trying out the Road Trip idea that Donna Gephart enjoyed with her pre-teen son.

But I’m pretty sure I’ll never manage Sarah Davies’ Mile High Motherhood trip – partly because my children are already children and not babies, but mostly because I would never have attempted it in a million years.
No, make that two million.

Anyhow – Car Seat may give you some ideas, or it may confirm your existing prejudices.

Perhaps you, like me, would not contemplate flying your own light aircraft across America alone but for your small baby.
And yes, I mean alone.
No other adult on board to tend to your small baby’s needs, just you, your breasts and your auto-pilot.

I feel a little faint just thinking about it.

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