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If I knew how to add sound to this blog I would, then you could suffer like I have.

Ben has learned to play CHOPSTICKS on the piano.

Note – having looked for this on YouTube, I gather it’s called Chopsticks No. 111. Anyhow, it’s the one which starts on the two black notes, not the one which starts on the F and G next to each other.

He didn’t learn it from me, but from a babysitter who came round last weekend.

“Look what the girls from next door taught me,” he said excitedly, the morning after our rare night out.

And as I listened I cursed the day, all those years ago, when I thought –

“Hm, I’m pregnant, time to buy a piano.”

I did try to discourage him from playing it to his piano teacher, but far from pooh-poohing his new tune, she taught him the rest of it.

So now it goes on for twice as long.

Still, I suppose it is a rite of passage, and not such a disruptive one as arriving home from a teenaged party, late, drunk and dishevelled.

I will wear a face of admiration and patience until he graduates onto another irritating tune – Fur Elise perhaps? Or Gymnopedie?

I love YouTube.
Perhaps I have very average interests, but I’ve always managed to find everything I’ve ever looked for on it, and how many services can you say that about?

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7 Responses to Chopsticks

  1. Mopsa says:

    I’ve always liked Gymnopedie, personally. But I ‘ve hunted high and low for a couple of things on YouTube and failed spectacularly after trying every kind of search:

    Nick Kamen in the Levis ad in the laundrette (in English and with decent sound)
    June is bustin’ out all over from Carousel

    if anyone can send me the links….

  2. Mya says:

    Does Ben have a mute button?

    Mya x

  3. brom says:

    I agree, You tube is pretty amazing.

    You can find out how to add music to your blog here…

    If you do, be careful what you choose as every visitor, every time will hear it, unless you put in a prompt button thing.

  4. mid-lifer says:

    Ah….chopsticks. That takes me back. We had no room for a piano but found a keyboard in the charity shop. That might just be more annoying.

    I adore youtube too. My daughter found the potter puppets – have you ever seen them? Luvvin it!

  5. Beta Mum says:

    Mopsa – I’d have thought Nick Kame would have been in there. When you find it, you’ll have to upload it for the rest of us.

    Mya – if only, and not just for reasons of Chopsticks.

    brom – thanks for info. I may give it a go when I think of something suitable. I never have my speakers switched on, for that very reason.

    mid-lifer – never even heard of the potter puppets. Will have a look.

  6. Iota says:

    Youtube is great – trouble is, you can spend such hours on it.

  7. Chopsticks! Nearly all my kids and their friends plays these all the time. At first it was annoying but now I find it strangly relaxing….Great blog by the way – my first time here!

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