Cold shower – the old boiler’s revenge


So – just one day after the old boiler is serviced, it stops working.

Mike runs a bath for the children.
We’ve given up checking the temperature for them. They can do that themselves. And they do, with their feet.

“Aarrgh, it’s cold!”

“I’m not getting in that.”

It’s a short bath, and when I return home from my weekly attempt to dancerella my way back into an approximation of my lithe and flexible youth, I am accused of “doing something to the boiler.”

Yeah – like booking some Corgi registered outfit to come and service it, after it had worked perfectly well (except for its reluctance to warm the top floor rooms) for the previous five years with no interference from any plumbers.

So today I had a cold shower.

And to all you Corgi people I say – can this be a coincidence? Should I insist the same people come back and look at it – for free?

It’s like when you take your car in for a service, they fix the battery and the next week the alternator turns up its feet and floats off into the blue yonder.

It smacks of those long-forgotten government-funded job creation initiatives – the Youth Opportunites Programme or the Youth Training Scheme – which kept people busy without actually achieving anything.

I may have to nip into the showers with the children this evening after their swimming lesson.
On the other hand, remaining dirty could help Ben learn what living in Victorian times was really like.

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3 Responses to Cold shower – the old boiler’s revenge

  1. Andrew says:

    “And to all you Corgi people I say – can this be a coincidence? Should I insist the same people come back and look at it – for free”

    yes it could very well be. As you don’t say what type or make of boiler it is it could be as simple as the pilot was not relight to…god knows. if you are looking for advice then a site like Plumbing and Central Heating forum is a good place to ask, telling them your story and the make and modal of your boiler. if you believe the company has done this get them back but bare in mind that it could be just bad luck, remember the act of servicing a boiler does not break it, your boiler may of been sick in the first place.

    “you Corgi people” ARGI was set up in part to hi-light the failings of corgi,a counter balance if you will. corgi is only a register of people and companys that can work with gas safely, it does not mean the people on it are any good. same as a driving license, they have passed a test to say they can drive safely. still loads of unless drivers on the road. made me smile to be called that with all fighting we do with corgi.

  2. mid-lifer says:

    It’s all so familiar! The same has happened to us with our boiler…which inexplicably refuses to heat up water whenever it’s been serviced.

    I used to have a motorbike and the rule was thast whenever i started to tinker with a minor bit of maintenance, everything would start to go wrong.

  3. mid-lifer says:

    oh..and pop on over cos I’ve given you an award

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