Dale Cooper’s coffee

How’s Annie? just posted me a message with a link to this marvellous picture …

Dale enjoying a damn fine coffee

How I do miss Twin Peaks.

Has there been such a great series since? I doubt it.

I watched Eraserhead during my youthful phase of seeing arthouse movies only, mostly during all-night showings, and viewing all mainstream films with contempt.
I remember being mystified but fascinated by the little man with the strange hairdo making his way through life in a loud, dystopian, industrial landscape.

Blue Velvet was terrifyingly tense and I came out of the cinema in shreds. I went with two friends and we had to seek out a place for coffee near Leicester Square before we could face the tube journey home.

Mulholland Drive went back to his early days of mystifying but fascinating, not helped by the fact that I’d never heard of Mulholland Drive before seeing the movie.

I live in such a celebrity-free bubble.

But why is it that programmes like Porridge and Rising Damp are on a permanent broadcast tape loop, but Twin Peaks has never been shown again when it was patently groundbreaking stuff?

I guess a DVD boxed set will have to do … although I’m worried it may not live up to its place in my memory if I watch it all over again.

You can have too much of a good thing.

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7 Responses to Dale Cooper’s coffee

  1. kcor stel says:

    The box sets are great! It gets better with repeated viewing.

    Lynch is launching his own brand of 100% organic gourmet coffee!

    ‘Inland Empire’ is recommended viewing for Lynch fans.

  2. Because Porridge and Rising Damp are classic! Timeless! Genius! The real question is why isn’t Reggie Perrin repeated all the time. It should hve its own dedicated channel in my view. Sorry CJ.

  3. lady macleod says:

    I’ve not seen any of your picks, but I feel much the same about Deadwood. I bought the DVDs. The ones you like so much do get better over and over I think.

  4. Omega Mummy says:

    Ever heard of ‘The Beiderbeck Affair’? Totally UK produced and very good, in understated way. Have same regrets.

  5. Sammy Mathis says:

    I want to get my mits on ‘The Prisoner’ on DVD! Who has fond memories of this?

  6. Dale Cooper says:

    Wow! Glad I have inspired a bit of a Twin Peaks loving again.

    Amazing show!

  7. Beta Mum says:

    kcor – will have to add Inland Empire to my Christmas list

    SAHD – I agree they are good, and by the way, who’s CJ?

    Lady – haven’t seen Deadwood, but it got good reviews

    OM – I remember the ‘The Beiderbeck Affair’ being around, but don’t remember watching it.

    Sammy – my partner loved The Prisoner and Dangerman. I’ve seen repeats of The Prisoner and it’s very entertaining in an Avengers kind of a way.

    Dale – it’s all your fault!

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