GMT – or not?

Big Ben

Ben has just taken one huge step outside the box, the box he habitually shuns in favour of his own sweet way.

When the rest of us turned our clocks, watches, phones and computers back by one hour at the weekend, he decided to put his watch one hour forward.

So now, when I say –

“Lunchtime, come downstairs please.”

He replies –

“You’re late. It’s three o clock.”

And when I say –

“Do you really have to wake me up at 7.30 on a Sunday morning?”

He replies –

“It’s half past nine.”

It’s even worse than the six months I spent recalculating every time I looked at my watch, when it stubbornly remained on French time despite all my efforts to press the right buttons.

When I last lived in Jersey there was an annual story about double summer time – some people said the island should adopt it, to give us longer evenings.

Others felt this would be like going back to the time of the German Occupation, when it was imposed on islanders by the occupying forces.

And if Jersey went ahead, what about the other Channel Islands? They don’t all follow suit when it comes to such matters.

I seem to remember one of the main arguments for not going it alone was the disruption to TV schedules. They’d all be up the creek, and we’d have to wait until nearly bedtime to watch Eastenders.

Ben seems to have eschewed Double Summer Time in favour of Double Winter Time, thus losing even more daylight evening hours, and setting up a whole new TV timetabling nightmare.

When will Hider in the House be on?
How will he ensure he doesn’t miss Raven?

I think I’ve just come up with the most effective way to get him to fall into line –

“Raven? Of course you can’t watch it. By your calculations it’s going to be on after your bedtime.”

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