Good work

Hannah’s good work

And this is the piece of work which brought tears to the eyes of Hannah’s teacher.

Where does she get her all-embracing love for the Little Ones?
I love the way she capitalises it as thought they’re some other breed. A very different breed from the big, grown-up six year old who’s soon going to be in Year 2!

Lots do to today. Packing. And I mean packing.

We’re going on the ferry to France, we’re taking a roof box for the car, which will soon be filled with Stuff, the bikes will be fixed onto a wobbly bike rack, and the guinea pigs will be cowering in their cage on the back seat.
Oh, and the children will be crammed in too – if there’s room.

At least we seem to have coincided with the smart ferry this time, the one with the on-board swimming pool.
We normally get one of the old tubs with nothing more than a slide and a place to sit and draw pictures: and on a six hour journey you need a bit more than that.

A bientot.

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5 Responses to Good work

  1. Wow! You’re taking the guinea pigs too? I thought they still had quarantine laws that were extremely non-PC as far as guinea pigs and other small furry creatures were concerned? Have a great time!

  2. Omega Mummy says:

    good luck. can you train one of guinea pigs to keep a diary?

  3. That is very sweet of her. Drive and don’t stop until you’ve lost the storms…

  4. I hope you’ve been having better weather in France than we have been having here!

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