Half Term

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I saw something on Facebook the other day which brought home to me the difference in attitude between mothers with full time, out-in-the-world jobs and mothers who (mostly) look after their children.

One status update read –

“I’m really fed up that half term is over”

Another read –

“Thank god half term is finally over”

I expect you can guess which comment came from whom.

I have every sympathy with the second, as after nine days of overpriced day trips, enduring friends round to play and mediating a million ear-splitting arguments over nothing, I was happy to get up early and see them off to school.

But soon I will be one of those parents who doesn’t see enough of their children, and I’ll probably have more sympathy with the first comment.

I voiced some of my concerns to the children the other day, along the lines of –

“I hope we’re doing the right thing, I’m worried about all the organising, the changes, whether or not we’ll be happy…”

Hannah replied –

“It’s not something to worry about Mummy, it’s something to be excited about.”

There speaks the unbridled optimism of my little “sossidge.

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2 Responses to Half Term

  1. Potty Mummy says:

    And in some of the schools in our area, half term lasted TWO WEEKS! Needless to say, these were fee-paying schools. The more you pay, the more holidays they get. Go figure.

    (I was firmly in the ‘thank god half term is over’ camp, btw)

  2. Beta Mum says:

    PM – I think the theory is they work so much harder in private school they need the breaks to be longer. Hard if you’re working though.

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