HD – Habitually Delayed

Remember this picture?

life on the ocean wave

They’ve struck again.

To be fair, since Blog Fodder’s last rant, which was actually about a different ferry company, HD Ferries have refunded our fare for the cancelled trip and given us a compensatory free trip. Which went well.

But today, amid seas of glass, an hour’s delay ensued.

No word of a why or how long, so I looked up my previous e-mails about the Easter cancellation, and found a phone number. Always difficult in a land where websites rule.

And someone called us back.

“Sorry, we’re running on low power and with another ferry in the harbour already, we didn’t want to risk coming in at the same time.”

Surely a simple thing to announce over the tannoy, to prevent families incarcerated in stationary cars from melting into hot and hopeless oblivion.

But it was obviously too difficult a task, and a ferry load of passengers were left in the dark – metaphorically rather than literally – for an hour before being allowed on board.

And was there a riot?
A confusion of car horns?
A merest toot of a beeper?


Just a ferry full of Brits waiting patiently, caps in hand.

Surely this would not happen in France without a few complaints?
Surely our American cousins would have risen up against shoddy communication strategies?
Surely we must be the quietest, meekest consumers in the world today.

We get the service we deserve, and if we don’t shout about it a bit more it’s not going to change.

Or we could just learn to swim a bit faster?

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