Hearts and Flowers


It’s been Activities Week at the children’s school all this week.

For “Activities Week” – read “Tax payers’ money spent on days on the beach” week.

They’ve been to Sark (Ben), St Ouens Beach (Ben), Greve de Lecq beach (Hannah), the Amaizin Maze (Ben), Val de la Mare Reservoir (Ben) the cinema (Hannah)… need I go on?

They have had nothing but fun and are exhausted and ready for 6 weeks off.

Sark was the setting for Ben’s first purchase of a love token.

When I fetched him from the harbour, he showed me his spoils…

“I got a bottle of coke, some sweets, a key ring so I could remember my trip to Sark – but I didn’t have enough for any presents. Not for you anyway.”

“Did you get something for someone else then?”

“I got Sandra something.”

So, his spare cash is now going on his “girlfriend”.

“I spent £2.75 on a rose quartz crystal in the shape of a heart.”

How sweet.
How much? £2.75?

I told him that if he continued with this kind of romantic gesture into adulthood, he’d have girls falling at his feet.

He smiled his Charlotte Harvey smile and turned the colour of the rose quartz.

“I’m quite popular with the girls,” he said.

“Are you? How do you know that?” I asked.

“Well – none of them really hate me!”

So that’s what constitutes being popular in his Year 4 world.

But at 9 he’s got more romance in his scrawny little body than most of the men I’ve passed the time of day with.

On a girl, when he could have bought more sweets?
More amaizing than any maze.

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