Let’s talk about sex

Where did that come from?

It started, not with a kiss, but with a simple question from a five-year old:-

Hannah - Mummy, can a woman make a baby on her own?
Me – (thinks “oh oh, here we go”) No, she needs sperm from a man to make the baby grow inside her.
H – How does the sperm get into the woman?
Me – It comes out of the man’s willy and goes into the woman’s vagina.
H – Do you have to stand close to each other?
Me – (trying not to smile) Yes, pretty close.
H – Do you do it standing up?
Me – You can do, but usually you lie down.
H – Do you have to do it in hospital?
Me – (how funny, I used to think you had to do it with a doctor supervising) No, you can do it at home.
H – You and Daddy have done it haven’t you, because you’ve got me and Ben?
M – Yes.
H – Did you stand up or lie down?
Me – Lie down.
H – Well I wouldn’t want someone lying on me, I’d want to be the one on top.
Me – (thinks “go girl, go!”) Hmm. Tea time soon, better get the oven on.

So, not much left for her to learn when she gets to PHSE in Year 3.

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  1. That’s funny!

    I like your use of “willy” and “vagina”. It’s good to use to the scientific terms.

  2. spymum says:

    Very sweet! (and stylishly handled on your part!)

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