Making Hay

Well, I don’t like to have to mention him again, but Johnnie’s got a bit of a thing going at Hay.

I mean Hay-on-Wye (of course darling, didn’t you realise it’s that time of year when you just have to be marvellous in tents?) where all Mr Boden’s children have gathered in spotty wellies and stripey towelling tops to meet writers and take part in creative workshops.

I hope I don’t sound critical in any way, as I’m not. I was there with my children, and they met Cressida Cowell, learned to speak Dragonese, and wrote (Ben, voluntarily too) a poem about a giant, and (Hannah) a story about a giantess.

As instructed by two strange men camped out inside a white giant’s pink fluffy brain, they used pseudonyms, as a way of turning the whole literary fame thing on its head.

Perhaps I need to take a leaf out of their book, and reveal to you that I’m not really who I pretend to be, but someone else entirely. Someone much more interesting.

Anyhow, I’m not at home and am sharing this computer with two avid Spider Solitaire fans, so I have to get off before I’ve had time to come up with a decent ending.


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Here you can find the ramblings of a trapeze artist turned journalist who ran away from the circus to join the BBC. Cathy "mine's a Kir Royale" Keir then spent thirteen years working in Jersey, Guernsey and Devon, before downgrading to what you see before you. She has contributed articles to The Guardian, The Stage and Television Today, Junior Magazine and both the BBC and Bad Mothers Club websites. She has two children who think women can’t be prime ministers. She blames herself.
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3 Responses to Making Hay

  1. Rilly Super says:

    crikey, I seem to be the only person in the country who hasn’t been to Hay. Perhaps this is where I am going wrong, sigh. Anyway, I think you are quite interesting enough as you are Cathy and you really mustn’t feel the need to pretend that you are pretending to be someone else

  2. Omega Mummy says:

    I haven’t been to Hay either. Have you met the whole of Radio 4 – they’re all there. Though there’s not been a single reference to it in the Archers……

  3. Beta Mum says:

    Didn’t see any Radio Four types, which is odd as every time I turn on the radio they’re talking about it.
    I did see Guardian bods recording podcasts on a double decker bus.
    And we watched Mariella Frostrup record a short piece to camera, during which I explained to Ben and Hannah the difference in resources between network and regional TV. They must have had at least six people there to do this one little PTC.
    Ben and Hannah weren’t interested in my diatribe though.
    RS – going to Hay doesn’t mean much except you can find it, you have a pair of wellies to wear, and you have successfully grappled with their online booking system.
    OM – the Archers are laying it on a bit thick at the moment, with all this Siobhan business. They tend to overdo the poignancy, if you ask me. They don’t ask me, otherwise I’d tell them to slow down.

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