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watch out - there’s a spy about

Nearly a year ago, my beloved son caused me a small financial loss, when he used Amazon’s one-click service to order a book – about quilting.

It was the subject of the book, when it arrived unexpectedly, that alerted me to the possibility that someone had been clicking where they shouldn’t have.

He fessed up, I sent it back and was refunded the cash – minus postage and packing.
I disabled one-click to avoid future mishaps.

Now though, with the wisdom of age, his wanton clicking has managed to sign us up for a service which installed insidiously misleading software on my computer.
A menacing little mole now pops up all the time telling me I owe them £29.99.

A bargain.
Nearly thirty quid for a few ill-advised clicks of the mouse by a nine year old who is too young to have legally signed up for the service in the first place.

When I first noticed the nasty little unremovable icon, I asked him if he’d signed up for something.

“No,” he said, looking a little too innocent for comfort.

As the days passed and the uninstall progamme didn’t work, I asked again.

In the end I made my way, via Platte’s indestructible icon, to a website, and found a phone number.

Before calling what I assumed would be a premium rate service, I asked him again to just tell me if he’d signed up for a film service.

He denied it and denied it and then left the room and shut himself away upstairs while I argued with a man in the British Virgin Islands about his insistent pop-ups.

After I’d spent 12 minutes on the phone – at a cost described by the unflappable Abdul as national rates, although whose national rates he omitted to mention – Ben came into the room crying…

“I did sign up for something Mummy. I just wanted to watch some DVDs. I didn’t say yes to any downloads.”

We’d already had the download discussion. Unfortunately I hadn’t broached the no signing up for things rule.

“And anyway,” he continued, “I couldn’t watch any films. It wouldn’t let me.”

So now he’s said he’s very sorry and I should take the money out of his bank account, which is far healthier than mine.

But I’m loathe to give money to this bunch who’ve been the subject of numerous discussion threads and reports to the OFT and Trading Standards.

I’m not techno-savvy enough to remove the bloody thing, so if my computer is destroyed by the Trojan Horse, I may be away some time…

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Here you can find the ramblings of a trapeze artist turned journalist who ran away from the circus to join the BBC. Cathy "mine's a Kir Royale" Keir then spent thirteen years working in Jersey, Guernsey and Devon, before downgrading to what you see before you. She has contributed articles to The Guardian, The Stage and Television Today, Junior Magazine and both the BBC and Bad Mothers Club websites. She has two children who think women can’t be prime ministers. She blames herself.
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  1. Expatmum says:

    If they’re that far away, at least they can’t come knocking on your door. I would look into some very strong parental controls to keep the little imp out in future.

  2. Andy Merrett says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I run the MBS Victims’ Forum (MBS were the company that Platte Media took this evil software from) and we’ve heard so many stories like yours that we’ve lost count.

    For standing up to this joke of a company, we’ve now been threatened with legal action. If I don’t remove info and links about how to remove Platte Media’s software, I will be taken to court and probably sued.

    At the risk of shameless self-promotion (this is all completely non-profit by the way) could I draw you and your readers to the following link, which briefly outlines our “plight” and a course of action.


    Time is of the essence, as we’ve been given until Friday 2nd May to remove the material that is so offensive to Platte, despite their software being so offensive to us, and being under close scrutiny of the OFT.

    Thanks for your time, and I do hope that you never have cause to fall victim to this menace again (the company, that is, not your son! :)


  3. Beta Mum says:

    expat – i’m not sure there is anything I can do to stop him signing up for stuff without realising he’s incurring charges. Reputable companies ask for credit card numbers, which would obviously have stopped him – for now.

    Andy – good luck. They seem a ruthless bunch. Michael Pollitt obviously took legal advice before writing about them. The OFT are being particularly toothless about the whole thing.

  4. I have found a removal guide on this website. please feel free to use the removal guide

  5. Platte Media’s websites and pages are content rated and as such can be blocked simply by parental controls readily available as part of Internet Explorer and Firefox. We do offer advice to parents/guardians on the protection of minors at our website see

    We would like to highlight that Platte has a well defined policy towards minor access and request that parents / guardians who discover a minor has assessed our site to contact us in order that we cancel the account, uninstall the software and at the parents discretion, block the computer from being able to access any Platte Media site in the future. Our customer service team can be contacted on 0845 017 8386, 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

    We do not feel the use of credit card age verification is fool proof, primarily due to the proliferation of pre-paid cards which are available to individuals under the age of 18. We therefore continue to advocate parents/guardians taking steps by employing parental control solutions readily available to prevent minor access to any website that could be considered harmful to minors.

  6. Dear Mrs Keir

    We have been alerted by our Public Relations team about your case highlighted on this forum.

    Our website provides visitors, who wish to subscribe for immediate access to our film download library but are concerned about providing credit card details and personal information online, with a means of subscribing to our site by downloading our access software.

    Before an individual can download our software they must first click through 7 separate screens and click to accept our terms of subscription. Despite this process we do see cases where individuals click through the screens without first reading the information on them. The postings of individuals who have done this are the reason that you have read the negative postings that you refer to above.

    Where a minor has been responsible for downloading our software our policy is to remove our software and cancel the account. No charge is due as a minor cannot enter a subscription contract. Please contact our customer services team in order that we cancel the account. Please call 0845 017 8386. Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

    Platte Customer Service Team

  7. In response to the comments left by Platte customer service team, I my self have contacted the number and told the operator that my 12 year old must have signed up to the site. This was met with that’s ok after I pointed out his age the operator said if I give him my name and address he will send out a form and to complete this and return it with a copy of my sons birth certificate.

    This I will not do.

    With people like this operating a scam on such a level as this is so wrong.

    If people require the service that this company is offering then they should have a credit card check.

    I will be contacting the OFT and seeking advise.

    This is also a thing that watchdog would help with.
    So please email or write to them.

  8. Sussex says:

    Nigel: You and Yours have been following this story since last year and will, I’m pretty confident, welcome contact about it. Because they have been running it, I don’t think Watchdog will become involved.

    For contact details of the You and Yours, go to the BBC Radio 4 website and look for You and Yours where there is an email facility.

    I find it extremely disturbing that Platte are using these websites to insist that all is completely above board and, by implication, those who say otherwise are lying. I think they need to consider for themselves the implications of libelling individuals when they are themselves so keen to litigate against forums who are helping victims.

  9. Beta Mum says:

    Thanks for all the advice.
    I don’t want to contact Platte again, as they didn’t offer to remove the software when I called the first time and I don’t want to give them any details about my son or anything else.
    All I can say is, my technical know-how has increased exponentially since that icon popped up.

  10. Seedfut says:

    HI all, Have contacted Watch dog but we all need to contact them. If my 6 year old can sign up through (allged) 7 screens then something needs to be done.

  11. Sussex says:

    Seedfut: If you had read my earlier comment you will see that the story is already being covered by You and Yours on Radio 4. They are always looking for further follow ups on this story.

    Because of the Radio 4 involvement, Watchdog are very unlikely to want to take up the story, and have been approached by a number of others in the past years. I suggest you contact You and Yours via the Radio 4 website. You can also ‘listen again’ to earlier reports. This links to the original story:
    This links to their latest follow up:

    (I hope those links will work)

    As the person who originally took the story to You and Yours, I can assure you that they are still extremely interested in the matter, and will be very interested to hear from people who still have complaints about them in spite of the undertakings made by Platte/MBS to the Office of Fair Trading.

    By the way, anyone who feels they have been unfairly treated in this matter should also complain to the OFT. Remember to refer to the undertakings which Platte have made since they are liable to be prosecuted if they fail to keep them.

    The OFT link is here:

  12. Sussex says:

    This may come through double – not sure why it didn’t appear first time round.

    Watchdog won’t take this up as it has been followed on a regular basis by You and Yours on Radio 4. If you visit their website and look under ‘Beware’ you can find the most recent update in April 2008, with the original programme still available back in July 2007.

    Do contact them if you have more to say – they remain interested in the story. Also, do contact the Office of Fair Trading and let them know what happened to you and why you feel this company’s activities are not desirable. Platte (and their predecessor, MBS) made undertaking to the OFT about their trading methods which, if broke, will result in criminal prosecution.

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  14. linda cousins says:

    i had platte media on my screen rang them and they knew my address where did they get it from

  15. jonesy says:

    These bunch of idiots have made me so angry with infesting my machine with this! i am the only one that uses this computer and i assure that i haven’t signed up to this rubbish! I checked the ip registration with my own ip which don’t match! which makes me believe that this had come with some virus that self installed on this computer. i tracked the ip that was registered to platte media and its somewhere near harrogate, skipton.

    I have decided not to waste my money calling them, i know what these people are like, they will just send me back and fourth. i will gather all the infomation i have on them and send it off to OFT, hopefully this billing system will be thrown out the window and i am sure it will! now i will have to find a way to remove this s**te, then publish it! and i would love to see them take me court over it!! B******ds!!!

  16. jonesy says:

    oh, and thanks all for the useful links.

  17. jonesy says:

    finally removed platte media from my machine! took me a good hour! you need to delete it from the registry using regedit. using regedit find anything using the name platte, theres loads! go to edit, keep pressing ‘find next’ in regedit until there is know trace of it, also in system32 folder do a search for pm, delete pm_proc1, pmproc2 and also delete the pm_setup, hope this helps. this is the first time i have ever posted any advice, but they p****ed me off! so i will p**s them off! email me if you need a more detailed explaination. [email protected] good luck, hope you all get rid of this rubbish and don’t pay them a penny! they maliciously installed this without my knowledge.

  18. David says:

    platte media are crooks.
    I read article saying free downloads I downloaded software as soon as I did I seen it wanted nearly 30 pound a month which Is disgraceful amount.
    I uninstalled software and did not download anything.

    I got no cancel page or was asked if wished to cancel. I got no onscreen messages before they demanded payment for a service I was not using.

    After 3 days got requests for the money.

    I deleted and did search and removed all platte items.

    but kept getting them. I emailed company. only then I found a cancel page this took 4 days.
    and told them I had not used service but they still wanted 30 pound for the month even though service cancelled which means if I paid I would be paying for time after which I had cancelled. from day one.

    all they want is your money wether you use the service or not.

  19. Platte_Victim says:

    If you still need to get rid of Platte from your computer, use the procedures at the Easy PC site, these work for XP (don’t know about Vista).

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards

  20. Platte_Victim says:

    Use the manual procedures published by Easy PC to remove Platte from your PC (see below), it works for XP, don’t know about Vista.

    1 First of all open My Computer > C:\ > Windows > System32
    2 Scroll down to PM_proc1…. (in alphabetical order).
    3 Open ‘Task Manager’ by press Alt,Ctrl,Del in order at same time.
    4 Click on the Processes tab at the top of the window
    5 Find and ‘End process Tree’ the following two files PM_PROC1 & PM_PROC2 so they dissapear from task manager (some times you need to do this in safe mode)
    6 Close task manager
    7 Click Start, Run, and type regsvr32 -u pm_dll.dll
    8 In the windows thats browsing c:\windows\system32 delete the files known as PM_PROC1 & PM_PROC2 along with any other file called PM_######
    9 click Start, Run, and type in Regedit
    10 Press F3 and type PM_PROC and click the find next button. When it finds a result delete it
    11 repeat step 10 again until you find 0/zero results.
    12 Close all screens, and delete the icon off the desktop.
    13 Reboot.

    On no account give any information to Platte regarding yourself, they try to drag you into calling their so-called ‘help’ desk’.

    This company are an absolute disgrace.

  21. Pixel Kid says:

    My dad just got this on his PC, makes me really happy to have a Mac instead. Thanks to everyone for the pointers to removing this malware!

  22. Matt H says:

    You cannot be sued for putting details of how to remove Platte Media from your computer on a web site. That is nonsense, also, Platte Media cannot bill you through your Internet Service Provider – that is also nonsense. No ISP in the country is going to hand over customer details to anyone apart from the police upon a court order.

  23. Matt H says:

    Also, i phoned Platte media and told them the computers that were infected with their malware, were used in the financial sector of a large city bank, and valuable time had been wasted removing this crap. I also informed them that they would be charged for all this wasted time or have to deal with our large legal department. The best way of dealing with bullshit is with bullshit !

  24. Andrew Hutchinson says:

    I was looking at a social networking site and a pop up from appeared. It said it was free in some way and I thought, ok,have a peek. Then it asked for a pin so I put in some numbers. Then I was asked for more information. At this point I thought NO! I don’t want this, so I clicked to get off it. Little did I know that I was now liable to £30. The next day I opened up Internet Explorer and discovered a new desk top icon called Platte Media. Who the…. I thought and deleted it. Later I saw in back there so thought I’d have a look through folders. On C drive I found 3 folders belonging to Platte Media. One was the full contract that now had me by the throat. In there it tells me the cool off period is 3 days rather than 7, not that I had expected to be under contract in the first place, it also teld me there was no way of getting all this stuff off my computer without speaking to customer services and only they can take it off the computer. NB, there is an 0800 number in there, so save your money and don’t use the 0845 given elsewhere.
    I rang,it went to South Africa, I paid the £30 and he talked me through the delete process which was surprisingly lengthy. If like me, you fear their threat to write to your home address gained from your ISP No, you pay the money and feel sick at your own stupidity and disgust at their con. I never went into their site but banging in 4 digits is all it took to get into this headlock. Don’t go there!

  25. Stephen says:

    I have put several posts about this software on my own blog that will probably be of interest as they show that the Platte uninstaller removes only a fraction of its software, and since the majority of the files are hidden within the system the publicised do-it-yourself methods suffer from the same problem. I have put up a full list of the files and their location and those with the requisite skills will be able to remove them easily, but I would advise most victims to use a professional to achieve a full removal.

    One of the files left behind enabled Platte to continue to access your computer although following a complaint from me they have now modified their uninstaller so that it does indeed get removed. But even now 37 of the 44 files remain, and it is impossible to determine the capabilities of one of those without decompiling it. The OFT are aware of the work I have done on this, and hopefully will be taking some sort of action as a result.

    Cathy, Windows offers two different sorts of user account – administrator accounts and limited accounts (you set these up through the control panel). Your son should have his own account which should be a limited one; your account should be password protected and you should try and ensure that he never obtains your password. This would have prevented both the problems you have had as he would neither have been able to access your Amazon account nor install software.

    I hope you won’t consider me unduly critical if I say that I think you need to reconsider your general computing arrangements anyway; a nine year old child should not be enjoying unsupervised access to the internet regardless of how sensible you like to think him. Aside from the more general risks, young boys circulate links to sites such as the Platte one among themselves, and then there is a certain peer pressure to say you’ve been and had a look.

  26. mike says:

    I have been a victim of this platte media con and totally refused to pay £29-99p I visited a site called CRN and foud dozens of other people had fallen for the same con, one chap gave me a site to visit called AD AWARE by LAVASOFT they supply a FREE download which I used 48 hours ago and it worked instantly. they also informed me that the debt would be to small to use a debt collector so they are relying on people to fall for thier threats just ignore the morons hope this will be of help to you
    good luck mike

  27. kay says:

    has anyone actually paid the amount they have asked for? as i have had the same problem, with my little brother downloading this rubbish onto my laptop- i rang them and they sent me an uninstall code but told me i still had to pay the outstanding amount of £29.99 because its the owner of the laptops responsibility??? why should i have to pay for something i never even heard of before? should i pay, or has anyone got out of it before?

  28. Jane Louis says:

    Hi I have the same problem as everyone else! Similarly to Kay I’m worried that if I delete the software and not pay then I will rack up a huge debt that will come bite me in the backside in the future. If this is the case should I pay the 30 pounds and avoid a massive debt? Did everyone who deleted it themselves and pay something as well?

    I really have 100% no idea how this came on my computer, I would never ever agree to such a thing.
    Linda Cousins (post 14) said they knew her address (presumably from her IP). I’ll be honest I am as scared as hell. 30 pounds is not the kind of money I can throw around lightly I can’t tell my mum because she is stressed about other things. Sorry to get personal but if any one could answer the above questions (about deleting and not paying)I would be deeply grateful.
    It’s completely put a downer on my summer.

  29. alfie says:

    Hi Jane Louis, the same problem happened to me and this icon suddenly appeared on my desktop and a pop-up saying I owed them £30. I certainly did not sign up to this rubbish( apparently it takes 7 steps/clicks to do so-or so they say )

    I phoned them to complain, but they said I had definately signed up and owed them £30. They also said I would need a special code to remove the software. I told them I would not pay and hung up as the number is a premium rate number.

    I managed to remove the software using removal instructions given by the Easy PC Company UK.

    However even though the software has been removed, somehow they managed to get my home address and I received a letter giving me a code to remove the software( not needed already removed myself) and what I consider to be a threatening letter stating’my account remains in arrears to the value of £29.99. This balance is due for immediate payment’. It then goes on to say’ In accordance to our terms and conditions, failure to contact us to settle your account within seven days from the date of this letter may result in us, or our appointed agents, initiating legal preceedings against you without further notice. We remind you that uninstalation of our software does not remove contractual obligation regarding your outstanding balance’.

    Well I certainly am not going to contact them or pay their threatening demand for what is essentially a scam.

    They will never get money off me.

  30. Dani says:

    Hi Everyone!! Do not pay this scam artist!! I had the exact same problem as all of you, and I followed the removal instructions that Platte_Victim wrote, and it worked perfectly! There is not a trace of it left on my computer! I had called Platte earlier today, not sure of what to do. They were incredibly rude, and continued to insist I owed them 29.99. My friend helped me find this site and we were victorious!! Good luck to you all!

  31. wem says:

    Install Ad-aware 2008 free. solves your problem regards popup bill

  32. kay says:


  33. laura says:

    Im soooo glad im not the only one struggling with these cowboys! I dont have a clue how i managed to get the icon on my desk top as i dont watch films or anythingof the sort but i called the customer service line tonight and the guy asked me to confirm my post code and personal details to which irefused. Glad i did now it turns out they dont have any of our personal details such as post code, address, phone number or DOB so PLEASE do not give this to them if you call. They could not tell me who signed up or any email addresses or anything but the worrying thing is they have my IP address for my computer and he could see what i was looking at when i was talking to him.. Im pretty worried now as i need ti uninstall the software but cant seem to get the above mentioned site to work, any ideas anyine? Your help would bemuch apreciated. Laura

  34. Sussex says:

    Laura: What do you mean when you say that he could see what you were looking at while you were talking to him? Do you mean that he could see the pop up from Platte Media, or that he ‘knew’ what front page was displaying on your screen? It would be helpful if you could illuminate on this.

    Have you visited the MBS Victims Forum yet? It is there as a support group. I’m certain that they’d like to hear your story there and it may well be that somebody can help you with your problem.

  35. matt spring says:

    Sounds famillar! one of my m8s did the same thing on his GIRLRIEND’S MUMS pc! It took me a day to remove the retched thing and the mass of malware it brought on to her pc! something like over 100 spyware and trojans! I could understand a 9 year old not knowing better but my mate should-hes an adult! lol. And as for platte media there ‘proffit-Hungry’ scam artists and should be avoided by all at all costs!

  36. matt spring says:

    Laura: please contact me for details and a program to remove Platte media i have done it before so no it works ;) [email protected] please do not send any attachmeants for obvious reasons! lol.

  37. good news for you all l now have access directly into plattes systems,it seems they have employees who hate them to enough to download a virus directly onto their system

  38. oliver says:

    i have used the removal program also . how these people pretend to be a ligitimet opperating business defise believe DO NOT PAY THESE SCUM !

  39. yonne says:

    I have the same problem we came back
    from holiday and it was on our computer.
    No one has signed up for this and now they say that I can cancel but i have to pay £29.99 or face legal action.

    I am not prepared to pay for something I didnt sign up for.

    Does any one know how to remove this from vista?

    Has any one reported this to watchdog or trading standards?

  40. richard savage says:

    I have contacted the uk office of fair trading
    who are looking into platte media, their advice
    is not to pay anything to this company at any time (this is an obvious scam).

  41. James says:

    hi, ive had this problem came back from work today and a popup poped up saying i own them £29.99 well i aint paying for something i never signed up for.

    can someone please tell me how to remove this peace of crap from vista i tryed the website everyone said but there is a problem with the sight :S lol

    cheers james

  42. richard savage says:

    if everybody affected by this scam were to contact the office of fair trading either by telephone or their website or you, local trading standards office it will give them more ammunition to close them down. I contacted platte originally as asked them to remove their rubbish from my computer with a raised voice they by return sent me the data to do this and a bill for £29.99 and have been emailing their terms ever since (all ignored)
    i have no intention of paying them,I have blocked
    their emails from naturally they found another way to send emails (just wasting their time). We all realise when eventually these scammers are closed they will only
    find another name and way to scam once again.

  43. Daffy says:

    I’m following the instructions in post 20 but when I try to carry out point 7 I’m being told access is denied. Can anybody help please?

  44. Sussex says:

    Daffy: Do you have administrator rights?

  45. Gavin says:

    i am also having problems with point 7 can anybody help!!!!

  46. ger says:

    no fool like an old fool somehow got roped with free films that didnt exist. novice to computers and had no idea how to remove platte. rang them and was immediately threatened with legal action if 30 pounds was not paid and since had letter saying that they have started legal proceedings asking me for 25 pounds extra for this. sorry but glad others are out not going to pay but dont fancy prison food.

  47. gavin says:

    RE point 7!!!!!
    1 google “platte media scam”
    2 find easy pc blog archive new platte media removal!!! site and go to the bottom of their page (above the box with blue lines in it and follow the intructions)
    3 download “itty bitty process manager” from their page!!
    4 once downloaded and you have the box onscreen find the pm_proc 1 and pm_proc 2 files and press ctrl and left click on both files to highlight them together and then click “kill process” then go back into system 32 and now delete both files together!!!
    think it has worked for me i will let you all know tomorrow!!!!

  48. gavin says:

    no platte popups!!!!!!!!! follow post 20 and if problems occur at point 7 then follow post 47!!!
    can “daffy” or anyone else let me know if they are successful!!!

  49. gavin says:

    also be aware of a scam email i have just received regarding illegal activities and copywrited material and they say they are going to suspend or cancel your internet connection do not open just delete!!!!! are they related?????? makes you wonder!!!

  50. geoffers essex says:

    Am another unfortunate sufferer of the “Platte” syndrome. Have decided to bombard their email address with a the same repeated note of complaint(send one email to them then keep forwarding it).Have done this each day and intend to continue– this way they get some of the trouble honest web users receive from them. Come on lets all do it and realy foul up their email.Have also done the same thing with the OFT- one letter plus a copy of their pop-up screen demanding money with menacing overtones – sent 10 letters so far-costly tho! g 1/10/2008

  51. Platte's_worst_nightmare says:

    I am a software engineer, and specialise in the removal of malware/viruses. I have no reservations in sharing my opinion, and feel the way in which the software works is virtualy identical to the way a lot of malware functions. You have the right to remove software from your PC if it is tranmitting data about your usage and you feel it is in breach of your privacy. Platte’s software falls into this catagory. The OFT have said that Platte’s T&C’s are above board, but they must have been drunk when they agreed to it! :-) .

    Legal or not, I have removed this from dozons of PC’s, and before Platte moan that it is illegal to do, hear this, ‘I DON’T CARE!’. This software is designed to mislead, and the fact it does not require any age check shows you are actively seeking people who are underage. If you are going to use immoral tactics, I will correct your wrongs.

    I must also say DO NOT give any personal info to these people, and if you receive a demand for payment in the post addressed to ‘computer owner’ or something as ridiculous, return to sender saying, ‘No one of that name at this address’. You cannot have entered into a contract if they don’t know your name, that is an outrageous claim on their behalf.

    By the way, I just installed it on my own machine for a bit of fun. I’m coming to get ya Platte!! Bring it on!

  52. samsav says:

    I read nightmares blog, I have been in contact with office of fair trading who informed under no circumstances should I Pay Platte Media any monies as they consider they are a SCAM site.I have also contacted the local trading standards office to their mailing address in Dunmow Essex they seem to agree with Platte regarding their operation, why God Knows. All seems to hinge on the word ”PORN” and the fact that you can pay with cash or postal order and a four figure pin number. I have pointed out to essex trading standards that get films nows front page does no mention PORN in fact they give the impression they are selling ordinary films.
    I also pointed out any child could give false information and pay by cash or postal order. I have since had no reply from them. Today I received a letter from platte informing myself that they intend to take me to court for the £29.99 Which I refuse to pay as their information stated that I was on the site for seconds, (they have not provided me with a service) nor could they I await their summons from Northampton County Court, and shall place a counter claim through the court for £42 for damages to my sons computer. Perhaps everybody affected by their scam should do likewise.

  53. John Harrison says:

    I too have been suffering from Platte pop ups and demans for 29.99 or else will be summoned to Northampton County Court.
    It is comforting and at the same time disturbing to find so many people affected.
    I have not paid, and do not intend to do so. I cannot trace any one who has signed up for this service.

    Has anyone ever actually been taken to court and had a judgement against them?

    I am a somewhat worried OAP.

  54. samsav says:

    re john harrison.
    don’t be taken in by their threats regarding Northampton County Court and above all dont Pay
    these scammers I would doubt they will take anybody to court {just another way to frighten people) .

  55. peter says:


  56. Julie says:

    Apparently the paperwork from Northampton County Court are fakes, this is being investigated as we speak. I have removed the malware from my computer and suggest to anyone to look on the net for a solution to this as the longer it is installed the worse your computer will perform. I have informed OFT, Trading Standards, Consumer Direct, Norton anti-virus, My computer provider, My local MP and I will report it to the Local Police this week. We all need to to the same. WHAT WE NEED TO REMEMBER HERE IS EASY ACCESS FOR CHILDREN TO A PORN SITE. THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TRADING. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS. We are adults and although their practice is a violation we can look after ourselves but we need to protect the kids. FOR THIS REASON ALONE OFT SHOULD NOT ALLOW THIS COMPANY TO TRADE WITH MBS.
    Good luck everyone in their quest.

  57. Julie says:

    Just a curiosity, I went to my local library to test Plattes registration proccess and the Local Authorities had banned entry to this site? do they know something they are not saying?
    Just a thought

  58. Platte_making_me_ill says:

    I did not sign up or try any 3-days trial. I am the only adult user of my computer with a 5 year old. We do not know how to download as we are only learning to use our new computer.

    Last week, I clicked the red pop-up to view so called “my overdue subscription fee £29.99 ” when it blocked my whole screen. That was how I first learned or heard about Platte Media or any so called “downloading/registration”.

    I am willing to present my “infected computer” as evidence to take this Platte Media to court. As this is making me ill and I am going to prove this is a scam.

    Please advise me what I need to do as I am sure I shall not be the last one to suffer such disgusting behavior from Platte Media. We need to put it to an end.

  59. tony says:

    Hi folks,
    I have read all of the comments on this site – amazing, I guess there are many, many more victims out there. I have just received the demand letter after using the freephone number and (foolishly) giving them my name and address so that they could send me the uninstall stuff. Although I have not used it, the on-screen demands have mysteriously disappeared!
    I have been o the OFT website looking for a way to make a formal complaint. This site is prety much useless-the OFT themselves need investigating. What are they doing with taxpayers money that is any use I wonder?
    Anyhow, I wil make a formal complaint when I find a way to contact them (no email address on their website)and refer them to this website.
    PS I do not intend to take any notice of the demand from Platte except to send them a formal notice to desist from making malicious demands for money.

  60. Andy says:

    Hi all
    I thought it waas only me who had this problem with Platte. They say i signed up for their service at 8.42pm on monday 24th Nov. As the rest of you say, you knew nothing about this, then a few days later i was told i owed £49.99 I have no intention of paying this and am going to see my local C,A,B tomorrow. Just to see were i stand with this company. What sort of low life get away with doing this? they all need stringing up. Oh as a side not i was online exactley 5 days after they say i signed up and my Norton antivirus software stoped an attack. It said it was a high risk Trojan Horse. I can only assume it was Platte trying to get to my pc again. I beefed up my security after the first episode with them.

  61. 2old2slow says:

    to remove PLATTE is simple and easy.i had the same problem as everyone else.just RESTORE to the date before this bloody bill appeared.IT WORKS.have not seen the bill for 3 months now.good luck.

  62. plattehasgotmetoo! says:

    yet again another one! i was looking on the internet for “freebies” as a student with little money and found “movie recal” which i thought meant free films, similar to “love film” so i clicked on it and found pictures of naked women so closed it immediatly! (come on i like guys for gods sake!:P ) after about a week i recieved the famous “platte bill” for £49.99!!!! thats like a whole days wages for me! so i closed it as i thought it was a virus… then it came the next day and the next… then i decided to look and see what it was for… “movie recal” apparently i had “dowloaded the software and hadnt cancelled my membership after a 3 day free-trial”

    i decided to read the terms and conditions and was worried to see that they could gain our home address and details and would use legal action if left unpaid! starting to worry now as after reading all these entrys im guessing theyre serious! also annoyed i clicked on the thing in the first place! i dont have this kind of money esspecially so near to christmas and dont want to pay them anything 1) because i didnt even use the site and 2) what if they demand even more money once ive paid it off?!

    how do i reinstal my computer to the day before this happened like some people have mentioned?!?!?

    need some help here :(

  63. paul says:

    Yes they are sending an invoice on my screen for
    50 pounds & have corrupted my computor !my virous
    scans dont seem to pick them up !

  64. Catherine says:

    Restoring the computer may work but I’ve never managed to do that! You have to have a restore point already set or something…

    Try Ad-Aware by Lavasoft. It’s free and it’s good. Anti-virus programmes don’t usually get rid of dialers, which is what this Platte Billing thing is…

  65. Sussex says:

    Catherine: You say it’s a dialer, but that isn’t my understanding of how it works in the strict sense of the term.

  66. jomakn says:

    Hi. What an insidious site ‘platte’ is !! Like 2old2slow, but not as fortunate, tried to get it off my system by restoring to a previous restore point prior to platte. What I have been left with – I think, are a Getfilmsnow icon, Platte Subscription Viewer(empty)icon,and Platte Utilities icon which I cannot remove. In addition, when I checked my System32 files I found PM setup utility and PM cancel 3. The PM_ PROC1 and PM_PROC2 files are not there or any PM files. I say “I think”, because after reading “Stevescomputing blog” there could be other things lurking undetected. There have been no popups demanding payment and neither have there been any emails from Platte confirming my cancellation.

    Like many other users, I’m at my witsend trying to remove all traces. Everything recommended by fellow sufferers have failed to work. Perhaps someone has a solution for me.

  67. Sussex says:

    Did you switch off system restore so as to remove all previous restore points, jomakn? You need to get rid of the other restore points as they may be harbouring elements of Platte.

  68. michael says:

    had problems with platte and get flms now got reminder for £49.99 today or they will pass debt after 14 days to debt collector called oriel collections i checkef them out they are a listed debt collector with 30 years experience,dont no what to do i contacted oft but dont no wether to pay it its worrying me.i always pay what i owe but i didnt go through the several pages of subscription but i did download something but tried to stop it.what should i do i have never been on the site for more than 3 min i got a cancellation in writing and code to remove from pc from them please help someone

  69. jomakn says:

    Thanks Sussex. I always set up new restore points each month and clear earlier ones. I also clean any rubbish that’s attached itself to me. The only conclusion I’ve come to is buying a new hard drive, this one is coming to the end of it’s life anyhow.
    Might even consider a new PC, I’m so annoyed and frustrated that I can’t get the s*** out of my system.
    Thanks for your comment, greatly appreciated

  70. jomakn says:

    Michael, have you been to
    doesn’t tell you how to remove it but might give you some knowledge about the site.

  71. Sussex says:

    There are ways out there which can help people to remove Platte – googling Platte and EasyPC has helped a number of victims.

    As to Oriel, if you do receive letters from them, it may be worth putting your side of the matter to them. If they get enough feedback from Platte victims, and given that they are a reputable company themselves, they may well reconsider having any connection to Platte.

  72. gordon says:

    right i had the same problem with platte , the way to get it off yr system is do a search for anything with platte in it, check the date that it first started popping up on yr system. delete everything to trash then empty trash so its permanent. Then turn yr computer off then back on & go into set up & reset the computer to start to a date previous to that date . i have not heard or recieved anything since so good luck.
    oh don,t forget to search in the hidden files & folders cause there in there .
    i phoned them but they don,t know who you are & don,t have yr address unless you tell them so don,t tell them a thing.
    anyway you shouldn,t need to phone them if you do the above .
    happy new year.

  73. amo says:

    just been reading the comments about platte midia, i had a problem with them as well untill i foned them and threatened them with legal action and to report them to the child protection for letting my son who is a minor(14yrs old) access their site without my consent. I had pop ups demanding £49.99 or they would pass my debt on to the baliffs, so i foned and made a conplaint about platte media to Trading standerds who took my case and told me to sent them a photo copy of my sons birth cert to verify his age but to hide his full date of birth,and only to give the year he was born and surename as any other information is erelevant.I sent it off recorded delivery and got a letter back 2 weeks later to unistall their site and any attachments. I foned the free number and the operator took me through the unistallment and then even “APOLOGISED” for the inconveince and stress it may have coursed me. I couldnt belive it!!!.Try the trading standerds and threatning them with the child protection it worked for me.

  74. Stephen says:

    Jmokan’s link to my blog doesn’t work, but this one will:

    Hope what I’m saying there is of interest.

  75. jonzi says:

    hi, just some info i think everone here will find of interest. i have about 3 months ago, found this software on my pc and managed to erase all aspects of it from my pc after phoneing pratt media and stupidly giveing them my address to send me the uninstall code (which i now know was a scam to get my address). upon recieving the code i also got the bill which was 99.98 for two applications of which, hand on my heart, i had absolutly no part of instaling them on my pc, i dont watch films so why would i want them?
    the next letter from them after i just ignored the bill they sent was saying they would be takeing legal proceedings, ie debt collectors to claim the 99.98. after reading loads of reviews and checking out a lot of forums i decided to still ignore them.
    i woke this morning to find a letter from oriel, the appointed debt collecting agency, stateing i now have 7 days to pay 124.98!!!!

    i regret ever trying to be honest to platt international and phoneing them to try and sort out this problem, as every single person that i have corresponed with at platt international, have been the most arrogant, incompetant wasters of my time and good will!

    i have written this post with my fists clentched knowing that after i have writen it, will have no choice but to pay this absolute rip off of a company, two days worth of my wages!

    if platte international were any decent friendly company which supply a good useable service to there customers, why? do they feel they have to charge everyone who finds this software on there computer without the knowlage that they themselfs have actually downloaded it?

    has anyone actually got proof that the software can get onto a pc without the pc owner knowing about it! i myself deleted all history of platt international and therefore have no proof and no history of the date it was installed, on my pc!

    im pretty sure that if in court, as i havent accually had any films off of platt that this case would just be laughed at and dissmissed!

  76. gordon says:

    Jonzi, when you search for programs , right click on the unopened program & it shows the date & time that it installed so just reboot to a date before that , i haven,t heard anything since .
    Re: their demands for payment just keep ignoring them, i have read somewhere that the court order is not a legal document if you check with the court.
    It is a scam & don,t pay them a thing .
    Don,t give then yr address either, cause at the end of the day thats how their getting their cash due to all this scaremongering.
    Ignore the lot ,If the debt people do turn up tell them to get lost cause you don,t even have to let them. in also threaten them with trespass on yr property.
    If this still continues give yr trading standards a call , because they are not a uk registered company & they are charging vat but not paying the taxman either!!

  77. Sussex says:

    Jonzi: In the circumstances, why don’t you contact Oriel and put your case to them? Ask them why you are being expected to pay for a service that you neither requested nor have used. Tell them that you are complaining about the harassment from Platte Media to Trading Standards and your MP. Try, however, to state this in a measured way to Oriel as they did not instigate this software nor the download but are merely acting as clients of Platte International in trying to recover debts – do not lose your temper with Oriel, try to get them on your side. Explain that you are in dispute with Platte over this debt and that you would respectfully ask them to hold fire while you resolve this with Platte International.

    Oriel is, I gather, a respectable debt collection company and, as a third party, shouldn’t be involved in the anger people feel about Platte. It will be counterproductive to take such a stance. However, as a reputable company they should be prepared to take seriously the concerns of people who are unhappy with the way they are being treated by Platte. Follow this line consistently and it is far more likely to produce a good outcome.

    In the meantime, I would urge anyone who has reason to be in dispute with Platte International to look at this website

    which are providing help to people to put together a complaint about Platte. If everyone concerned followed this advice it will become increasingly difficult for the powers that be to allow Platte to keep trading in this way.

  78. Sussex says:

    Sorry, in my post above, I’ve realised that I have mistakenly described Oriel as clients when they are in fact acting as agents for Platte – but, as an independent company, they are not otherwise connected to Platte.

  79. Jing says:

    Hi, I had the same problems with Platte Media, what a scam compnay! Well, I managed to remove the spyware on my computer following the instruction on this link here

    This method works on my XP.

    I have investaged their website, and how they actually scam people. Basically, the is one of their website where people can sign up. There is no links works on the home page until you click “member”, then, they will tell you that the films are totally “FREE”, By misleading people on “FREE FILMS”, however to sign up with a “term and conditions”, which tied you in for a £29.99 payment per month. Of course, when people sereaching films on the Internet, when it’s “FREE”, very few people will look at the small writing on the “terms and condition”, just click, click and click to get what they wanted. The website Platte claim to provide services, I check out the films, it’s totally rubbish, no one would want to pay for the flims anyway, Platte is set to SCAM!

    I phoned Platte and Oriel too, I had this battle going on since September last year. Platte will tell you that they will send you a letter to tell you how to uninstall the software, again, it’s a lie. They only wanted your name and address to pass onto the debt collector. Don’t give them your real name and address!!!

    This company is clearly set in 2007 to fraud as much money as they can, most people will pay them £29.99 to save the trouble, that where they get you! They got that figured out!

    So, my advice to people is that, not many things are free on Internet, just be careful. The only website I know is totally free to watch movies is

  80. matt says:

    thank god for adware,they finally got rid of that platte shit. i admit i did sign up for their 3 day trail but noticing how crap it was cancelled it on the third day of the trial. then i had a pop up bill telling me that i owed £99.98.yeah good luck with that and if you read micheal pollack website,hes a freelance journolist,he said that platte media told him that they dont use trojans and are completly legit… why did my adware tell me that i had been infected with a trojan viris with plattes name all over it.IT said winsystems32/trojan dialerplatte.

  81. charlie says:

    after reading all these posts i am a bit worried now. i have done as mentioned above and removed all details of this software from my laptop but unfortunately i wrote to platte media a letter of complaint. i am now worried that they will bombard me with bills and letters until i pay the required £49.99. this is making me sick with worry as im not sure what to do, i dont want to pay them but i cant afford more charges on top of that.
    i wrote to them as i had sent numerous emails which went unanswered. what would any of you suggest i can do now?

  82. matt says:

    dont worry charlie platte wont do anything just forget about the conning bastards. ive spoken to a specalist soliceter and hes told me they havent a leg to stand on they have sent either intensonly or y mistake a dialer trojen virus to your computer that is an illegal practice, he told me that if they contact me i was too tell them this and to tell them that i would be taking legal action. seeing as i havent heard from them in 3 months i think they have stopped trying to con me…….So stop worring CHARLIE and get on with your life, oh by the way your emails and letter probobly havent been opened, i havent recieved anything from them … happy pal and dont worry.

  83. Kwasi says:

    I have had this platte media problem since last year. I made the mistake jonzi did by being honest with them when i first saw the pop up. I rang them and tried to tell them my innocence but just like their name. Their staff are all pratts!!! I foolishly gave them my address so they can send a removal tool, now they are sending lettters demanding pay and court threats. Thing is their removal tool doesnt actually work and read somewhere on a forum that they(platte media) donot know how to take the software off people’s pc. Thanks to a website that was being sued then by platte, i was able to take the menace off my computer.

    To offer such sensitive films on the internet on subscription basis and not making access a little bit secure is ridiculous.

    I just recieved the letter saying oriel will come for the money. I am waiting for oriel

  84. Dave says:

    You all shouldn’t blame your minors because my family computor was infected by Platte media,
    none of us signed up to anything 7 screens or otherwise, it came across while accessing another site or though we haven’t identified which site.

    So beware these con artist have sent demand letters addressed to the Computer owner, I ask you would anyone sign you up for anything without your full details and especially your full name? I don’t think so, and they only got our address after my wife rang them to complain.

    So don’t ring them it’s a waste of time and don’t tell them your address.

  85. Harry says:

    Does anyone know how to delete Platte Account. Its supposed to delete itsself after about 4 months. Dont phone them as they are making money from the premium rate calls, and dont give them your address. Do nothing except look for a way to delete the account, which is attatched to a programme somewhere, all you have to do is find it, or you can have a word with with your email suppier and get the messages blocked. Hope this helps. H.

  86. Andy Merrett says:

    You all might be interested to read this:

    Whether this is the last we’ll see of the likes of Ashley Bateup is another matter.

  87. Kay says:

    I recently recieved a letter from a debt collection agency demanding £54 from us. Because, apparently, someone in this house “signed up” to getfilmsnow.

    Can they prove it was someone in the house, legally, when they don’t even have a name?

  88. Beta Mum says:

    Kay – ignore it. Remove the software from your PC using one of the methods you can find links to on this site, and forget about it.

  89. Ingrid says:

    Hi there,

    I’m also a victum of this Malcompany.

    Luckely I saw the sign that says it’s a 3 day free trial, and that you have to cancel within 3 days if you don’t want it. After a couple of minutes, my pc didn’t work anymore! Can’t open anything! I got suspicious. Saw the icon of the download and a bill! Openend the bill and saw € 60,– charge for 3 months!Looked like a contract! I got scared! Clicked on something on the bill, and it changed into € 0,–.
    Immediately I removed the download and the bill.
    But my pc is very slow and don’t want to start any program. I’ll have to ask a serviceman to delete all the malstuff off the pc! I’ve seen your links to do so. Hope it works!

    Signed up friday april 3rd and today (4th april)send an email to cancell the damn thing! With the sign they gave me an accountnumber, a telephone number, an emailadress and my IP number!Have to check with the serviceman if this really is my account number! The emailadress they provided is:[email protected]
    To this emailadress I’ve sent my cancellation! As it’s within the 3 days, I think they don’t have the right to send me any bill! Problem is now to get my pc clean and working!

    Can anyone please provide me a right emailadress where I can send my cancellation to? I just have till april 5th 12.00 am!
    Hope anyone there can help me!
    Do you think I handled it right!? No bills or whatsoever?

    Don’t mind my English please! It’s not my native language!

    Many thanks in advance!


  90. Deano says:

    We have been scammed by this platte company and it has got to the stage where we have now received a letter from Oriel Collections Ltd demanding payment (Well its so poorly written, it’s not much of a letter).

    My hunch is just to continue ignoring them and hope that they go away, but it is getting extremely annoying and they appear to be persistant buggers!!

    What have others done in this situation, I know legally they don’t have a leg to stand on and it’s so obvious it’s one big con!

    Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated.

  91. Mr Tommy says:

    Go to C:\ and change directory to C:\windows\system32 then enter dir pm_*.* causing all Platte related items to show. Then rename the listed items one by one eg ren pm_rec1.exe pm_rec1.ex1
    After all items renamed, enter del pm_*.* and they are gone.
    Restart or enter Alt-Ctrl-Del to finish processes with original names you just renamed.

  92. Peter says:

    In future, I will be returning Oriel’s mail demands unopened. They are not addressed to anyone living in my house: clearly platte have been fishing unsuccessfuly for a name to hang their unjustified demands for money on.
    This nonsense has gone on for months. Has anyone been prosecuted by platte or Oriel yet or is this just intimidatory bull**** on the part of both companies?

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