School Work Day

planting work

Ever had one of these?

I don’t mean all the Sundays you have to spend cajoling, bribing and then threatening the children to do their homework.

I mean proper work. Outdoor work. The kind you return from with mud under your fingernails.

I spent this morning at the children’s school, along with a few other misguided parents, a teacher and the headteacher. We were tearing down a massive fence and replacing it with a neat wooden picket fence.

I was operating under instructions, as fence building is not my forte. But our gazebo had another outing, as it was needed to keep the electric buzz saw dry.

The fence is the final job that needs to be done to allow the children access to the newly refurbished wildlife area – after work done by us, with help from the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Devon Wildlife Trust, a scientist from the university (who supervised special areas for bugs) and a couple of grants.

Last year we put up a traversing wall…

traversing wall

So what next year?

A tennis court?
An athletics ground?

At least the children now have two wildlife ponds to go dipping for newts and tadpoles, and to chuck their empty crisp packets into.

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6 Responses to School Work Day

  1. brom says:

    I like the idea of being a scientist who specialises in bugs. Don’t you have a problem with data protection though.

  2. clara says:

    I wish our school would let us do stuff like that – they just blackmail us into yet another cake sale so they can get the professionals in.

  3. Beta Mum says:

    Brom – ho ho! A tangential mind is always welcome.

    Clara – believe me, no, you don’t. We get to do the cake sales as well.

  4. Omega Mummy says:

    Sounds really fun. We did real tree clearing stuff one year. I have to say I prefer reading about it to doing it, but then I am a total weed.

  5. Goodness, they let you do that without 17 HSE bods on hand? ;)

  6. Drunk Mummy says:

    What a fine citizen you are, Beta Mum!
    I am way too selfish to give up my Sunday morning to anything other than my hangover. Still, you did get to play with an electric buzz saw!

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