Suddenly child-free

So what did I do – in those pre-child days – when time after work was mine for the taking?

When tea-time was spent in the gym and bed-time was a vague concept adhered to only on the eve of exams, early shifts or Big Days of one kind or another.
And it was only my bed-time I had to consider.

Was the telly really this bad in those days, or did I have better things to do?

Didn’t I go to the theatre, to the cinema (art house stuff, not Mr Bean on Holiday), to other people’s smart houses for stimulating conversation and delicious meals unaccompanied by plaintive cries for ketchup?

Surely that was my life?
If only I could bring to mind exactly how I filled the hours in those days.

Did I not realise how precious they were, those long hours filled with… with what?

I do remember in the early days of babies and nappies that I longed to get those hours back again.
But, like an addict immersed for too long in her drug of choice, I can no longer remember what it was I was yearning for.

What was it that I wanted to do?
I could do it, right now, if I could only recall what it was.

I have just returned from a weekend in France.
I’m alone, having left the rest of the family to enjoy watching time trickling slowly by in the garden, on the beach, on bum-sore bike rides.

I, however, am back at work.
I’m a glass half full kind of person though, so I’m looking around for ways to make the most of my few days as a singleton.

I’m getting in touch with friends I don’t see enough of.
I may go jogging.
I’m going to get my hair cut.

But what then?

If you can remember what it was that filled the hours of the day pre-children, please tell me before my time is up.

But do bear in mind, late nights and over-indulgence are no longer an option. And art-house cinemas are fairly thin on the ground over here.

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  1. Potty Mummy says:

    It’s funny BM, was just discussing this with a girlfriend yesterday and we came to the conclusion that our 20′s were so much fun because everyone else was footloose and fancy free too. The problem now is that even if temporarily released from motherhood, no one else can come out to play. So no suggestions, I’m afraid…

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