Talking to Children

not talking but dancing

A Conversation with Hannah (6)

Hannah – When I die I’m going to come alive again after ten seconds, and it’ll be a happy life. This is my horrid life.
I’ll be a princess, and I’ll live in a mansion, and I’ll have twenty dogs and five horses.
Then I’ll come alive again after I die, and I’ll have a happy life, then a sad life, than a happy life, sad life, happy life, sad life.

Me – Do you know what that’s called?

Hannah – No.

Me – Re-incarnation, and the people who believe in it think that sometimes they come back to life as a beetle or a tiger.

Hannah – Well I won’t, I’ll be a girl every time.

A Conversation with Ben (8)

Ben – (at bedtime) I’ve got a funny feeling in my tummy and I don’t know what it means.

Me – Is it a feeling that says you need a Mummy cuddle?

Ben – I don’t know.

Me – Shall we try it?

Ben – Yes. (we do)
Sometimes when you leave me in bed to go to sleep I feel so sad I want to cry. One time I did cry.

Me – Why didn’t you tell me?

Ben – I did, but not until the morning and there wasn’t much you could do about it then.

Me – Shall I leave the door open so you can call down to me if you start to cry this time? Then I can come back and give you another cuddle.

Ben – Yes

(So I did, and he didn’t call)

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5 Responses to Talking to Children

  1. Expatmum says:

    I usually try the finger clicking thing when I’m too tired to get up, put my jammies on and go to bed. One of these days I’ll click my fingers, open my eyes and I’ll be in bed with clean face and teeth brushed. Not quite the same as reincarnation – coming back for another life would be too much work.

  2. It would be nice to be 5 forever is the inescapable conclusion. Perhaps. Or 15. Maybe 25? 35 has a few things going for it. 45? No, not really…

  3. brom says:


    Thanks for the explanation, I always thought it meant coming back as a tin of evaporated milk!

    (Still can’t comment from work – nevermind eh!)

  4. Beta Mum says:

    Alasdair – they can be soooo sweet. And then on other days…

    Expat – I think a tardis or “Beam me up Scotty” toy is required to make life easier

    SAHD – Hannah asked me this morning what age I would like to be again, out of all the many ages I’ve been. It was a tough one.
    I came up with 8 or 9; mid-twenties or now.
    As a child with a favourite everything and who knows exactly what age she wants to be RIGHT NOW, she wasn’t impressed that I didn’t have a hard and fast answer.

    Brom – your jokes are worse than Blog Fodder’s. And his are Bad.

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