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my desktop

I’ve been tagged by manicmama to reveal my desktop to all and sundry.

Well here it is, complete with all the unnecessary icons that my computer keeps telling me to get shot of.

Do I really want a computer that tries to tell me what to do?
No, that’s why I ignore all its best advice.

The children are having fun in Cornwall, and I think Hannah is waving, although she claims she’s trying not to be photographed. I rather like the bare legs and wellies look, which she tends to shun these days, now she’s six.

And a big thank you to MotheratLarge, for this –


It’s made me smile.

And I’d like to pass it on to my USA alter ego – Beta Mom and to Iota - both of whom make me smile.

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Here you can find the ramblings of a trapeze artist turned journalist who ran away from the circus to join the BBC. Cathy "mine's a Kir Royale" Keir then spent thirteen years working in Jersey, Guernsey and Devon, before downgrading to what you see before you. She has contributed articles to The Guardian, The Stage and Television Today, Junior Magazine and both the BBC and Bad Mothers Club websites. She has two children who think women can’t be prime ministers. She blames herself.
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3 Responses to The View from Here

  1. Mya says:

    Congratulations on the awards – hope the PR campaign is continuing to go well.

    Mya x

  2. Vicky says:

    Thanks for sharing your desktop :)

  3. Rilly Super says:

    she’s obviously practising fending off the paparazzi – she looks like future film star material to me cathy

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