I’m a Believer

ow is it that a pair of habitual atheists can produce two children who are devout Christians?

Some scientists claim faith is genetically pre-determined, but I fear our two are just more than usually keen to disbelieve their parents. Our son, who’s five, is a firm believer in God and Father Christmas, and uses emotional blackmail to get me to say I am too:

“But Mummy, if you don’t believe in God I won’t see you again when I die.”
So I have to make him happy, don’t I?

And when his three year old sister asks,
“Do I believe in God, Mummy?” all I can say is,
“If you want to, darling.”

And she does want to. She’s taken to quizzing one of her friend’s mothers, a regular churchgoer, about God, as my answers don’t seem to satisfy her.

All their father believes in is Lincoln City Football Club.

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