Which do you prefer – Pink or Blue? I mean the colours, not the bands. They’re the shades that dominate a newborn’s life until they’re able to make up their own minds.

But what happens if your child decides to fly in the face of convention?
My son’s primary colour is pink. But only at home, for Ben is a closet pinko, driven underground by the forces of macho politics that govern the school playground.

When you’re a five-year-old boy, admitting to a preference for pink is as bad as defecting from the Labour Party to join the SDP back in the Eighties.
And although Ben learned the lesson of the juvenile jungle pretty quickly, every now and then his friends spot the delicate tint that sets him apart.

“What do you mean, a pink Ninja Turtle?”
“Of course the pink Power Ranger’s a girl.”
“Oi, Ben! Your Beyblade’s pink!”

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It also appeared in Junior magazine.

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