Sex chat

Ben learns body parts

In our house we don’t do it much but we do talk about it – a lot.

“Mummy, can a woman make a baby on her own?” asks my five year-old daughter.

“No, she needs sperm from a man to make the baby grow inside her.”

“How does the sperm get into the woman?”

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5 Responses to Sex chat

  1. Mopsa says:

    KR – this is a joy! thank you for cheery morning article.

  2. Like it very much! Smiling and giggling to myself as I type.

  3. mid-lifer says:


    I had a similar experience once.

    Exactly the same question as I was driving along the Corniche in Abu Dhabi.

    I tried to explain it all very matter of factly (perhaps a little rushed). It was met with silence and then: ‘Oh, look at the pretty lights…’

    My son tells me that in their sex education at school (he’s 10) they have a cartoon of people ‘doing it’. At one point, the voice over says ‘sometimes the penis can get hard, and often it feels nice’. (I’d hate to be a teacher in there with all the kids!) Anyhow, my son’s friend leaned over and said ‘No it doesn’t, it hurts!’..


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