What you should know before downsizing.

Downsizing. What does it mean to you? More precious hours spent communing with your family? Fewer frantic hours spent scrambling ‘twixt work, nursery, childminder and school sports day?

A calm home life redolent with cut flowers, nourishing winter stews and nutritious summer salads which your young pups will wolf down, along with seven or eight portions of fruit and veg per day… ?

Ah yes! Wouldn’t it be nice to read the paper in the morning instead of using it to mop up spilt milk? Wouldn’t it be great to thumb your nose at the lech who sits opposite you at work and always manages to be looking your way when you try to pick your nose surreptitiously behind your computer?Think again. Consider the realities of half the income and twice the time to spend your dwindling stash of cash.

You need a dose of reality before you take the giant step which will curtail foreign holidays and confine you to your old jalopy while all the other parents upgrade to build-your-own H1 Alpha Hummers.

Readers, I have done it, I have taken the company shilling to wander off into the sunset minus management responsibility and (more significantly) a regular injection of spondoolies into my current account.

So, if you’re dreaming of the so-called simpler life, consider the real pros and cons…

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